Photo credit: Charlie Freiberg

Floor cloths created by Susan Arnold are:

  • Colorful, bright, and cheerful
  • Fun and practical
  • Durable and will last 10-15 years with proper care
  • Protected with 6 coats of urethane (over time, additional urethane may be brushed on, not rolled on, as needed)
  • Less expensive than cotton or most wool rugs because you have them longer
  • Easy to clean (with soap and water), disinfect and do not hold odors
  • Resistant to mold, allergens or dust mites
  • Walker and wheelchair friendly, chairs slide easily across them
  • Waterproof (great in bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens)
  • Skidproof (the backside is painted with a rubberized latex to prevent slipping)
  • Great in dorm rooms (no need to vacuum)
  • Sun resistant, so the colors won’t fade (great in sunrooms and on porches)
  • Stain resistant (great under dining room tables, high chairs, plants, pet dishes & cages)
  • Ideal for gift giving
  • Available in any size (up to 12 feet in width), color, or pattern
  • Perfect on dressers and tables for protecting wood while adding color and design
  • Made by hand, each rug is a unique and an original piece of functional artwork
  • Guaranteed or your money back!