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An occupational therapist by degree, Susan Arnold doesn’t have a formal art background, but has always been inspired by colors and patterns. Though she enjoyed the challenge of working in rehabilitative medicine, she decided to try something more flexible after starting a family. Using the two houses they’ve built over the past ten years as her palette, she decorated the walls and trim then moved onto the floors. In search of new surfaces to paint on, Susan started creating rugs. Four children later, Susan has mastered the art and produces a multitude of original designs

Photo credit: Jon Gilbert Fox




Painting rugs has become her favorite pastime. She loves that there are endless color combinations to work with and new designs to create that result in artwork that not only is fun and colorful, but also practical and functional. She enjoys painting from her studio on their farm and being close to the forests, mountains and wildlife that inspire her work.

Not one for recipes or pre-cut patterns, Susan Arnold has developed her own technique of printing to produce her unique floorcloths. Using water-based paints and various types of tools made from recycled packing materials, she creates her patterns by overlaying hand-cut prints and some stencils. The finishing touches are then done by hand using acrylic artists’ paints. This technique gives her rugs character in the form of depth and texture, while producing an informal and inviting handmade look.

Susan also loves the challenge of custom work – of incorporating colors and design ideas onto canvases individually tailored to match her client’s taste, home, and lifestyle.

Her philosophy is to waste as little as possible, and to create a product that will last for years without negatively impacting the environment. Susan takes pride in using recycled materials in her work and donates 10% of her profits to charity every year.

Please visit the Galleries for a previewing of the different designs she offers. If you don’t find a favorite, Susan will be happy to create one for you!

Susan Arnold
East Thetford, VT


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