Use and Care

Photo Credit: Jon Gilbert Fox

Folk Floors are suitable for all level surfaces, with the exception of carpet. They are waterproof, sun resistant and will not fade. A rubberized latex is applied to the back of each canvas to make it skid- and scratchproof.
Floorcloths go well in dining rooms, entry ways, sunrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, under plants, high chairs, boots, pet dishes and cages, in front of kitchen sinks, stoves, and refrigerators, or on porches. In addition, they are perfect for protecting and decorating tables, dressers and walls.

Here are a few tips on the use and care of the Floorcloths:

  • Before putting down yours, make sure that the floor is very clean, as the smallest particle can show through.
  • To protect your floorcloth, attach felt pads to the feet of any furniture that come in contact with the canvas.
  • Clean, as needed, with a sponge and mild soap (or white vinegar and water). A soft brush or scotch pad can be used to remove stubborn grime. Never use ammonia or abrasive cleansers or put your canvas in the washing machine!
  • Avoid leaving your floorcloth in the rain for prolonged periods. If it does get soaking wet, hang to dry without folding or bending. Avoid keeping the floorcloth in a location where it is constantly wet.
  • Floorcloths can withstand snow, however they will become slippery when covered by it.
  • To extend the life of your floorcloth, additional coats of water-based urethane may be brushed (not rolled) on.
  • Avoid folding or bending your canvas, and store it either flat or rolled onto a tube. It’s all right if it gets cold, but do not roll or unroll it unless it is at room temperature as the paint may crack.

With the proper care, your painted canvas should bring you many years of use and enjoyment!

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